Integrating MS SQL Server with Hadoop

  1.  Installing MS SQL Server 2017 on a specified hardware server with MS Server 2016 operating system software and MS SQL Server 2017 provided.
  2. Check the provided network connectivity of MS SQL Server 2017 with the Hadoop / Cloudera installation.
  3. The integration serves to provide resources running on MS SQL Server 2017 for:
    a) Automatically read, modify, delete data in Hadoop from an application running MS SQL Server 2017
    b) The import and export of data between Hadoop and MS SQL Server 2017.
    c) Integrating with Hadoop data via Analytics and Business Intelligence tools.
    d) Provide an opportunity to develop programs in MS SQL Server 2017 environment using automatically read (for writing data from) in Hadoop.
    e) Creating triggers (in the concepts of MS SQL Server) with the potential activation of Stored Procedures from data located in Hadoop, with the data for each seperate trigger being stored in a memory-optimized table in the main memory.
    f) Creating a Machine Learning (ML) system related to the Hadoop data triggers.
    g) Configuring an environment that creates “Columnstone indexes” from each trigger data stored in a table optimized for memory usage.
    h) Configure a data linking environment in Hadoop with MS SQL Server 2017 Analytics Services.
    i) Providing licensed software, program code in primary form (for example C#, Python) and configuration files respectively for e), f), g) and h) mentioned above serving as a basis for future development of the Competence center.

The price of an annual license is 2280EURO without VAT.