Communication interface TEMEO for data transmission, based on biosensors

Provision of primary code (C, C#, SQL) and configuration files that serve as a basis for the future development of remote patient monitoring systems. The functionalities of the telemetry module are as follows:

– Constantly sending ECG
– Physical load evaluation with built-in 3D accelerometer
– Event button
– The data is transmitted wirelessly within the coverage of the GSM operator in the country and abroad.
– Data is retrieved and stored in a dedicated server.
– Direct internet access or specialized software.
– Automatic analysis of the QRS complex.
– Automatic analysis of rhytm and conduction disorders.
– Generate automatic report.
– The doctor has access to the data without the need for the device to be at his disposal.
– Continuous monitoring of patients with rhytm and conduction disorders.
– Continuous monitoring of patients with unspecified syncope irregularities.
– Tracking patients after invasive and nov-invasive cardiac interventions

The annual licence fee is 3500EURO without VAT.